Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to directly converse with your customers.

Marketing Emails that your customers will look forward to.

Nobody wants to receive an email that doesn’t address any of their wants or needs. When it comes to Email Marketing it is important that you really understand your audience in order to ensure you are only sending marketing emails that recipients will look forward to and not resent.

We can design these emails to be direct, with attractive supporting images and clear call-to-actions. In doing so we are able to trigger clicks and drive traffic to your page.

How do we do this?

Targeted Emails 

When it comes to Email Marketing we conduct extensive research into your current and potential customer base to ensure that when we send marketing emails they are specific to the interests and needs of the recipients.

Custom Email Template

We build custom Email Templates that are branded for your business. This will help to ensure you stand out to potential customers and encourage them to click though to your landing page, increasing conversions and maximising results.

Statistics and Reporting 

We will monitor the emails and ensure they continue to reach the right audience. Meanwhile, we be on the lookout for potential opportunities to grow your customer base and include new customers and groups in your direct emailing campaigns.

Landing Page

Once your potential customer reaches your website you want to ensure their expectations are fulfilled. That’s why we will build you a strong landing page that reflects the content of the email to create a consistent and fulfilling user experience.


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